Strabismus in Bensalem, PA

Strabismus is a condition where the eyes don't align properly and fail to look in the same direction simultaneously. It can lead to one eye turning inward (esotropia) or outward (exotropia). Various factors, including nerve damage, diabetes, brain tumors, strokes, or congenital issues, can trigger this misalignment. Misaligned eyes from strabismus may result in visual disturbances, such as double vision, and a lack of depth perception. IC Laser Eye Care and Suburban Eye Associates provide diagnostic services to evaluate the severity of strabismus and offer multiple treatment solutions to correct vision. If you're experiencing strabismus in Bensalem, Philadelphia, Huntingdon Valley, PA, or Hamilton, NJ, we encourage you to contact us to schedule an evaluation.

Although more conservative treatment options may be available to treat strabismus, such as prism lenses and vision therapy, surgery often stands out as the most effective treatment, aiming to adjust the eye muscles for more coordinated movement. This surgical approach involves either tightening or loosening the eye's muscles to align the eyes properly. Typically, strabismus surgery is completed within 1 – 2 hours using general anesthesia. A small incision is made to access the eye muscles during the procedure. The surgical technique varies with muscles either being repositioned or shortened, based on whether the eye turns inward (esotropia) or outward (exotropia), to achieve better eye control. After the surgery, the team will closely follow your recovery through several post-operative visits to ensure successful healing.

Strabismus is characterized by several symptoms affecting a patient's vision and appearance. Recognizing these signs early can lead to timely diagnosis and treatment, improving the chances of a positive outcome. Common symptoms include:

  • Tilting the head to view objects
  • Double vision
  • Faulty depth perception
  • Frequent blinking or squinting, particularly in bright light
  • Eyes appear not aligned
  • Eyes not moving in unison

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Strabismus can result in significant visual impairment, and surgical intervention may be required to correct it. Our dedicated team is focused on helping our patients improve their vision with the proper evaluation and treatment of this condition. For additional information on strabismus and our treatment options, please reach out to an IC Laser Eye Care or Suburban Eye Associates practice in your area to schedule a thorough examination and consultation.

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